5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Carpet Cleaning

If carpeting is the primary flooring type in your home, it undoubtedly receives a lot of daily foot traffic. Of course, none of us are perfect, and if you have children and pets in your home, things can get a bit complicated. It’s very easy to bring in the dirt, grime, and dust from the outdoors, and children can be messy, so it’s best to prepare for the worst when it comes to carpet stains. Ignoring the state of your carpeting and hoping that with enough vacuuming it goes away, isn’t a smart choice.

The fact is if you don’t take care of your carpeting, you’re well on your way to having to buy new flooring. We all know that carpeting is extremely expensive to purchase all over again, not to mention the costs of having it professionally installed. Wouldn’t it be easier to prevent the unthinkable and prolong the life of your carpeting?

Fortunately, hiring a carpet cleaning company on a regular basis can help keep the flooring throughout your home clean and looking fresh. Professionals use industrial grade equipment to remove stains, clean carpet fibers, and help remove the dirt that has been sitting on your carpeting for months or even years. With that being said, there are a lot of things that the average homeowner doesn’t understand about the carpet cleaning process.

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors when pros clean your carpets? Here are five things we bet you didn’t know about carpet cleaning:

1. It Matters Who Cleans Your Carpet

carpet cleaning in portland oregonCleaning your carpet correctly takes a lot of time, skill as well as effort on the part of the professional carpet cleaner. There are hundreds of different possible stains that your carpeting could be subjected to, and depending on the material of your carpet, there are different stain removal methods.

Trained carpet cleaning professionals likeĀ Carpet Cleaning Portland will first take the time to inspect closely the stain on your carpet. After the type of stain has been identified. Usually, a dry extraction method is first performed by removing the dirt matter. In most cases, this will hopefully involve some vacuuming. Believe it or not, up to 70% of dirt can be extracted from carpeting just by using the right vacuum cleaner.

Once the dirt has been removed, any stains that remain will need to be dealt with individually. This involves using the right combination of detergents on the affected areas. Professional cleaners, should properly use these detergents and work to extract the remainder of the stain.

2. Your Carpet Warranty Is Void If You Don’t Clean

Almost all carpet manufacturers provide a reasonable warranty on the flooring they sell. Of course, this warranty will come with a catch: you need to take care of the carpeting throughout its life. This is a reasonable point to make, as you really shouldn’t expect a company to replace your flooring due to your neglect.

A certified carpet cleaner can ensure that your carpeting lasts a long time, looks clean and that your warranty is still valid. The right maintenance goes a long way in making sure that your carpet doesn’t wear out before its time.

3. Don’t Clean A Stain Without Analysis

The problem with many homeowners is that the moment they notice a stain, they start scrubbing at it with a paper towel. Even worse, many will employ the use of harsh cleaning chemicals as a way to remove the stain. The unfortunate truth is that rubbing a stain and pouring chemicals on it can make it worse, and permanently lock the stain into the fibers of your carpeting.

Cleaning stains is an exact science, and unless you know anything about carpet cleaning, you shouldn’t attempt to clean it up yourself. It’s best to blot the stained area with a paper towel and to remove the solids. The rest of the cleaning should be left up to the professionals.

4. Vacuum Regularly And Vacuum Often

Meanwhile, we can talk about what miracle workers carpet cleaners are; there are still things that you’re going to be responsible for when it comes to the care of your carpeting. Many homeowners only vacuum once a week, and meanwhile, this may seem reasonable, it can start to show on your flooring.

Your carpeting receives the brunt of the daily foot traffic, and even if you try not to, there’s always a chance that you’re bringing in dirt and grime from outdoors. When you track in mud, even if it’s just a little bit, it can permanently sit on top of your fibers. In addition to what you can see, dust and pet hair can also accumulate between the fibers of your carpeting. Regularly vacuuming your carpeting with a high suction vacuum cleaner can help prolong the life of your carpet and make cleaning it a breeze.

5. Don’t Attempt A DIY Approach To Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that the equipment you can rent to clean your carpeting can make things worse? Professional cleaners use industrial-grade equipment, and they don’t use cleaners they can plug into the wall. In fact, you know carpet cleaners are professional when they show up with their cleaning truck. You don’t understand the nature of the stains in your carpeting, and often, when you take a DIY approach, you can end up soaking your carpeting.

Why is it bad to leave your carpet wet? Without proper ventilation, soaked through carpeting will never dry and that can lead to mold and mildew developing under the fibers. This will result in you having to replace your carpeting throughout your entire home. Never take chances when it comes to your flooring!

This concludes our list of five shocking truths about carpet cleaning that many homeowners simply don’t know. Everyone has their areas of expertise, and unless you know something about cleaning carpets, it’s wise to skip the trouble and hire experts to handle the job.

Five Good Reasons To Use A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? You probably vacuum your carpet once or twice a week, but when was the last time your carpet was cleaned? If you never had a team of professionals cleans your carpet or if it has been years since you hired a commercial carpet cleaning service, it is time to call a nearby carpet cleaner. Here are five good reasons to rely on professionals to clean your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners can get a lot more dust and dirt particles out of your carpet than you can. Using a traditional vacuum cleaner only removes the particles that are on the surface of the carpet. It is important to vacuum regularly to get rid of these particles, but no matter how often you vacuum, some dust and dirt particles will always get trapped in carpet fibers and become impossible to remove unless a team of professional cleaners comes in with specialized equipment.

The presence of dust and dirt particles trapped in carpet fibers causes wear and tear on these fibers, especially in high traffic areas. This can result in your carpet no longer feeling soft and in the color of your carpet becoming dimmer. Calling a professional carpet cleaning service will make your carpet last longer, which should help you save money on the long-term.

Some of the particles trapped in your carpet are released in the air you breathe whenever someone walks on the carpet. This results in allergens being present in the air you breathe inside of your home all year long. Having professionals clean your carpet will greatly improve the quality of the air you breathe. This is especially important if you have young children since they are more likely to develop respiratory conditions as a result of constantly breathing in air that contains allergens.

A commercial carpet cleaning service can apply a sealant to your carpet. Applying a sealant voids the original warranty from the carpet’s manufacturer but it will protect your carpet from trapping allergens and from becoming stained if something is spilled. A sealant can add years to the life of your carpet and will make the color of the carpet look a lot better too.

Relying on professionals to clean your carpet is a great way to save time. You can of course rent professional-grade equipment to thoroughly clean your carpet yourself, but this takes time and requires a lot of work. It is best to trust a team of professionals who will be able to identify the best way to clean your carpet right away.

You should call different carpet cleaning services in your area to learn more about the cleaning solutions the offer and to compare prices. You should have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, but the type of carpet you purchased might require more frequent cleaning. You should also schedule frequent cleaning if someone in your home suffers from allergies or if you have pets.